I'd like to take this space to thank my many wonderful clients for their kind words and feedback.  If you would like to submit any photos or testimonials please contact me below.


ReBecca T.

My home was full of stuff that was all over the place because I couldn’t decide where it should go.  It had become completely overwhelming and my own efforts were not good enough.  Working with Angie is like having a good friend over to help.  Angie is helpful, nonjudgmental, enthusiastically encouraging, and has a knack for getting my mind to think about how to use organizing as a way to make my life easier.  Having a home for all of my stuff makes it much simpler and more motivating to put things away so messes don’t pile up and linger for days (or weeks, months…).



Jess D.

My husband and I purchased our first home a year ago and were excited to invite Angie to take a look at the state of our house.  We were continually questioning wether our plates were in the right cabinets and if our closets were being used efficiently.  Angie has an eye for details and, best of all, a vision for a beautiful home.  She asks perceptive questions about the ideas we have for each room and then gave very useful suggestions for making each space more according to our liking.  Angie spent a few hours organizing our kitchen and simultaneously gave me advice for organizing the rest of the house, suggestions for items to buy to help us stay organized, and "homework" so that we would continue to make progress.  Her suggestions were invaluable and her enthusiasm is catching.  We got our homework done and we are looking forward to our next appointment with Angie!


Anne E.

We hired Angie to do a high level assessment of our first home. Though we had upgraded in the overall size of our home, we found that as we settled in we were cluttering up some areas and leaving others completely bare - we needed help! As soon as Angie walked in I could tell that I was dealing with a professional. She quickly assessed each room of the house, and swiftly pointed out half a dozen improvement ideas seemingly from the top of her head. While we asked her to focus on the basement (the worst of the clutter offenders), she surprised us by having wonderful recommendations for every room of our house. As a bonus, she is an animal lover and had great ideas for reigning in our pet clutter.

Her warm personality made me comfortable sharing every inch of my home with her, and the action plan she created for us was achievable and easy to use. Since she's worked her magic, I feel confident and inspired in improving my home -- I highly recommend Angie Organizes to anyone who feels intimidated by or fed up with their clutter!


Jose P.

Angie is the best! Her work ethic is unparalleled, she sees the big picture and the minutiae simultaneously. I would hire her again in a second, but I'm so well organized that I won't need her again for awhile. Thank you, Angie!

Angie Organizes


Larry C.

I called Angie with a task that I thought was insurmountable. I was moving from a three-bedroom condominium into a one bedroom and had to get organized for the move. I have trouble throwing things away and I knew that I definitely needed help. Angie assessed the situation and with a cool head knew how to direct me to make the right decisions to get the job done.

Angie is highly focused, has an incredible work ethic and is truly an artist when it comes to her organizational skills. She worked non stop until the entire task was completed. I got organized and still feel great about the choices I made and what I decided to get rid of.  What I thought would take a week we were able to accomplish in a nine hour session!

Thanks Angela for a wonderful experience! I look forward to working with you again soon!!


Raina B.

Hiring the right organizer has been a wonderful investment in the quality of my life. Angie has made a huge difference in my day to day life. Working with her gave me a more positive outlook on my home, my stuff, and my space.