I was inspired to go out on my own after watching my mother start her own cleaning. She worked very hard to provide for our family and showed compassionate care for the people she worked with. She wasn't just cleaning houses, she was creating a better environment for the people who lived there and she cared about each and every family whose home she entered. I learned not to judge and how to support others by her example.

I received my Bachelors Degree from Temple University in 2012 and while I attended college I started my own cleaning business; Angie Cleans. I would spot disorganization around every corner and before I knew it I transformed Angie Cleans into Angie Organizes! 

Besides the example my mother provided me I also come from a big, loving family who despite some of the headaches provide me with unwavering support and encouragement. The photo below shows four generations entrepreneurs; dry cleaning, restaurants, tattoo parlors, a dog walking business, house cleaning and organizing.

Now I reside in South Philly with my loving Fiance, Michael Sultan and our four cats; Cali, Charlie, Peal & Uni. Michael is also an entrepreneur and owner of 33rd Street Hospitality.

4 Generations of Wilsons & Ficcos

4 Generations of Wilsons & Ficcos